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Metropolis International Seminar and Symposium
Tuesday April 25 and Wednesday April 26, 2023

Healy Center at Georgetown University, Washington DC

This is the first Metropolis International event in the US since 1999 and the speakers addressing the issues are outstanding leaders in our field.
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As patterns of migration have shifted over the past several years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and a succession of seismic displacement crises, so too have the types of status that migrants and refugees occupy. The growing use of temporary protection and parole in response to the Venezuelan, Afghan and Ukrainian situations has raised questions about the quality and sustainability of protection for people in refugee-like situations. The rise of remote work and ‘digital nomads’ has cast into sharp relief the murky legal considerations associated with living with a foot in multiple countries, alongside implications for social cohesion. And growing labor shortages amid economic instability is reanimating questions about the ethics and economics of temporary and circular forms of migration. This seminar will dive into three case study vignettes that exemplify the evolution of migration in the postpandemic world and consider the lasting legal, political, and social implications of ‘temporariness’ in all its forms.
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