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Berlin becomes the centre of international exchange on migration, integration and diversity!

Under the title Changing Migration, Migration in Change, the International Metropolis Conference in Berlin in 2022 offers a cross-sectoral platform for experts from around the world to discuss the latest in migration, integration and diversity. Join researchers, policymakers, practitioners, business leaders, and civil society and international organizations representatives for a week of analysis, policy insights, and practice exchange. Key themes include:

The impact of COVID-19 on migration and mobility

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed major challenges to societies worldwide and is likely to have an impact on all aspects of human mobility and associated socio-economic outcomes for a long time. There is a need to rethink migration health and strategize ways in which international migration and mobility can play a role in the post-pandemic recovery of societies, many of which have experienced notable changes in the structure, nature and direction of migration flows. Such considerations range from mitigating the negative consequences for migrant workers and international students, as well as refugees and internally displaced persons, to tackling issues of inequality and inclusion that have been exposed by the pandemic. What does this mean for the governance of migration and mobility going forward? What shifts can be expected?

Technological development and the future of work

Rapid technological developments and digital transformations are reshaping the nature of work and employment, including the needs in economies and the skills in demand. What will the future of work look like and what are the effects on patterns of labour mobility and migration? How will current approaches to workforce recruitment, labour market integration or national citizenship be adjusted and with what social and cultural ramifications?

Climate change and migration

Global warming is already placing significant stress on how societies operate and think about the future. Local, regional, and global migration dynamics are expected to also bear the impact of climate change, in close connection with stressors such as conflict or demographic change, among many others. We want to encourage discussion of specific intersections between these processes with a focus on migration decisions, paths followed, humanitarian needs and policy options.

Conditions for fair migration

A current challenge for governments, international agencies and a range of communities is how to respond to societal and economic needs, mobility imperatives and migration pressures while also ensuring fair and sustainable systems and processes that take the interests of all stakeholders into account: migrants, countries of origin, transit, and destination. What does “fair migration” look like from a range of perspectives and on different scales? Who counts as a stakeholder, how are interests negotiated and cooperation reached and with what outcomes? What best practices are out there and how can different futures be envisioned?

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Germany and Metropolis International are planning this conference as an on-site event (with some limited virtual participation) at the bcc Berlin Congress Center, 4-9 September, 2022.

Save the date, we are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin!

More details about the conference will be posted on the conference website @, starting 1 July, 2021.

For inquiries about the conference and to sign up for updates, please email

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